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Dear MAG members,

I would like to thank for your reaction to my question and support to the Chair as a potential representative at the NMI Council.

Many issues have been raised in this exchange and all of them are very valid. During the December Open consultations we will have an opportunity to discuss them alongside with other international initiatives that directly or indirectly are relevant to IGF. In the afternoon of the first day we will have most of the session devoted to these questions. Hope we will reach necessary level of understanding and commonality of  views on all issues. If need will arise at the end of the MAG meeting on 3 December (time permitting) we will continue discussion.

Since deadline of submission is 6 December the IGF Secretariat will contact NMI promoters after the Open consultations and the MAG meeting.

Thank you


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Dear All,

I support Janis as MAG Chair, and also note that the comments made by Marilyn, Avri, Constance and Virat raise some important points. I think it is necessary for us to all read the obligations and commitments required by the NMI carefully, so that we can fully understand any/all implications. We should definitely take time to consult over this and determine whether the NMI supports the characteristics of the MAG and IGF. At first glance, I can see how some of the action items and priorities may have some linkage to the IGF, but I can also see how the NMI and IGF are not similar. I understand that the IGF will also be taking on intersessional work, and we should think about reasonable time commitments/resources to make sure we can still move this forward successfully. As a new MAG member, I would really welcome a discussion on this, and I will research this new Initiative further so that I may best contribute to the discussion. Many thanks.


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I appreciate the consultation that Janis has proposed, which I agree is necessary. 

... While I have full faith in Janis as the MAG Chair, and in his ability to represent the MAG, I would like to have a discussion in the MAG regarding expectations, and assumptions about NMI, and what taking such a role means, before the acceptance occurs.  

So, let's have that discussion within the MAG. I can think of a few questions. Others may have different questions. 

I was a participant at NETmundial, along with some others from MAG, and from participants in IGF, but many were not able to attend. 

Like others, I welcome the recent announcement of what the NMI is, and what its purpose is. However, as far as the MAG is concerned, what information do we all have about the NMI? There is a website but we may have additional questions to address, as MAG. One question I have is what the expectation is by Janis accepting this invitation. Are we thus, as MAG endorsing the NM principles?  That raises many questions for me, as there has not been a discussion about how such endorsement could occur, and what kind of consultation is needed.   

A similar issue exists for ICANN in endorsing principles, as such a decision would need community consultation, which has not occurred.  There is a Cross Community WG on IG, however, which could discuss this topic within ICANN. 

Second, how does this affect the independence of the IGF/MAG in both program, and in ability to accept, or reject elements of NMI should there be areas where there are questions, or differences of view within the MAG?


Third, the MAG needs to retain independence in planning the program and fulfilling its role, and I would like to understand how the NMI, which seems a pretty firmly defined set of activities, understands and accepts that.

And, finally, in agreement with Constance, we have a significant amount of work as MAG... I also note that approximately 50% of the MAG is new, which may represent the single greatest turn over, since the MAG inception. 

It might be that answers to general questions can be done online, for all to read, and then we can figure out how to address a discussion when together. 

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Subject: Re: [IGFmaglist] Fw: NETmundial Initiative

Dear all, 

I agree Janis would be a natural representative for our group.  

I also think Virat's note below makes a lot of sense. Before appointing our representative, we need to explore the possible impact on the IGF. One question comes to mind: if the MAG participates in the CC, what will the status of the WEF/NMI outcomes be with regards to the IGF's own work and future outcomes? 


I would welcome time to fully discuss these questions when we meet in Dec. in Geneva. This said, I would invite the group to be mindful we need to prioritize our work, especially when we get a chance to meet physically. In Dec., we need to focus on the IGF's program of work, the improvements we wish to put in place, while we would set some time aside, preferably at the end of our meeting, to discuss the NMI topic.

I hope this is helpful and look forward to reading other colleagues' thoughts. 

Bon week-end,


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Date: Saturday, November 15, 2014 12:36 PM
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Subject: Re: [IGFmaglist] Fw: NETmundial Initiative



Many thanks for seeking our views on the MAG representation on the permanent seat of the Coordination Council (CC) of the NETmundial Initiative (NMI). This announcement is only 9 days old – November 6, 2014.   Some of us who have not been intimately involved with the NMI decision making process, are trying to internalize its workings and the full impact of this announcement (including MAG’s seat on the CC), on our work within the MAG, and on IGF 2015. 

As has been pointed out by my MAG colleague, the membership on the CC of NMI is accompanied by specific conditions, obligations and deliverables – all of which by consequence will transfer to the entire MAG and its workings for planning the IGF in 2015.

Further, since 25 new members (nearly half the MAG) have been announced on 12th November, a week after this NMI announcement, I am sure that at least some of the new members will have a range of questions and thoughts on how to engage with the NMI process and objectives – as it relates to their work in 2015 and beyond. 

In view of the above, and especially considering the appointment of 25 new MAG members, my thoughts are as below:

1.      MAG’s representative on the permanent seat on the Coordination Council (CC) of NMI. I support Ms. Subi Chaturvedi’s choice for you as the Chair to represent us on the CC of NMI.  This would simply be the best choice given your position as the MAG Chair, to convene, engage and convey the views of MAG to NMI and their workings back to us, on an ongoing basis.   Further, while existing MAG members have reposed their complete trust in your leadership, I am sure our new colleagues will also find the experience of working under your guidance and chairmanship equally rewarding.  

2.      Date for conveying the name of MAG’s representative to NMI. Even though I support you as our choice for representing MAG on the permanent seat at the CC of the NMI, we should take the   time to discuss the implications of NMI on IGF, in some detail before conveying our choice back to them.  This extra time will be especially important for the new member.  I don’t see an upside in conveying our choice immediately or much before December 6, and unless we have had a chance to discuss the related issues within the MAG.  However, if there is an upside in conveying the name early – we should discuss that.

3.      Need for consultation.  As you are aware, I* organizations have been offered the 5th permanent seat on the CC of NMI along with CGI. Br, ICANN, WEF and MAG. Both I* and MAG would seem like the two additional candidates, following the first set of NMI announcements in August 2014. Further I* (specifically ISOC) has recently launched a consultation across its members and chapters to ascertain their view on the issues. I urge that we do the same within the MAG. This would have several advantages, including bring greater clarity to MAG members, especially the 25 new ones, on the full implication of the NMI on our work during 2015 and the extent of coordination / engagement with NMI during the year. Additionally, it would also help us better understand the commitment cast upon the MAG as a member of the CC of NMI.

4.      Link to the NMI website.  For the benefit of those who may not have seen the recent NMI announcements, its objectives and obligations, please find here the link to the NMI website:  https://www.netmundial.org/


I hope we can begin open consultations within the MAG at the earliest – on email, and dedicate some time to this topic during the face-to-face meeting, in two weeks, during the MAG meeting in Geneva in December 2014.

Trust this is helpful.

Warm Regards,

Virat Bhatia








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Thanks for sharing this with us Janis. Would propose  the Chair of the MAG  represent  us. In you, we have an excellent  leader who has been fair, transparent  and inclusive at all times.
Going forward we need an extensive  and exhaustive  discussion  on the interlinkages and commitment  expected of us as MAG.
I welcome the NETmundial Initiative in it's  entirety  and firmly believe  that  a thousand flowers must bloom for #netgov in the IG ecosystem  but MAG @IGF platform, our time and commitment  in terms of priorities  lies firmly with strengthening  the IGF- making it  more meaningful  for all stakeholders  each day. A platform matched by none other simply because   of it's transparent, inclusive and bottom up nature.
There seems to be a very specific task list assigned for the CC as part of the initiative  brief so only if there is buy in from all members of the MAG after an understanding  of the expectations  and key deliverables I would support the way forward. A consultation  is much needed,  so thank you for initiating this.
Subi  Chaturvedi 
On 15 Nov 2014 13:43, <karklinsj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear MAG members,
> I would like to start by congratulating the newly appointed members of the MAG and thanking outgoing members for their dedication and passion in bringing IGF from strength to strength. I know that even not being members of the MAG any longer you will remain strong supporters and good will ambassadors of the IGF.
> There is one issue that we need to decide relatively soon. As you see from the e-mail below the MAG has been offered a permanent seat at the Council of the NETmundial initiate. We need to decide who would represent the MAG on this Council and inform the promoters of the project.
> I would be grateful if you could indicate your preferences at your earliest convenience as the deadline of 6 December has been given to the community. If there will be a consensus candidate we will finalize the process early. If not, we will make our decision at the MAG meting in early December.
> Thank you
> JK
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> From: Nora Abusitta
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> Dear Janis,
> I am delighted to inform you that after several weeks of productive dialogue with the global Internet community, the NETmundial Initiative was officially launched on 6 November 2014.
> The announcement marks an important step forward in support of our shared vision and commitment for a healthy and evolving distributed Internet governance ecosystem. As we have discussed in the past, 20th century governance frameworks are challenged in the face of a rapidly evolving and transnational Internet. With a growing number of still unsolved Internet issues in the realm of public and international policy, the Initiative, enabled by an online platform, opens opportunities to innovate on collaborative Internet governance solutions, fit for 21st century challenges.  
> The Principles and Roadmap developed in community consensus at the NETmundial meeting held in São Paulo, Brazil in April 2014 are the pillars upon which the Initiative is built. This strong foundation will enable us to work together collaboratively to continue improving the existing Internet governance framework. 
> Despite a very successful launch, the work has just begun. The community has been invited to form the Initiative's Coordination Council through a bottom-up process by 6 December 2014. The Council will be comprised of 25 individual members from diverse backgrounds and geographies, primarily to help promote the Initiative broadly and coordinate certain aspects of its activities. The Council's role is key to the success of the Initiative. 
> Given the importance of the Council, I would like to encourage you to consider putting forth your nomination for membership. Your leadership and expertise in the field, coupled with your unwavering support throughout this journey will be critical to advancing the work of the Initiative. I am confident that our future collaboration would position the Initiative for success.  
> The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), ICANN, and the World Economic Forum will each nominate one executive to form a transitional committee. The committee's main purpose is to facilitate the selection of Coordination Council members. The members of the transitional committee are myself, Virgílio Augusto Fernandes Almeida, Brazil's Secretary for Information Technology Policies and member of CGI, and Richard Samans, Managing Director and Member of the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum. 
> More information on the Coordination Council, in addition to the nomination form, can be found here. I am also putting my team at your disposal to assist as needed. 
> Best, 
> Nora Abusitta
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