IGF in your language

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Providing documents in as many languages as possible is key to meeting IGF’s goals of capacity development and engagement with underserved stakeholders.

IGF 2019 Chair’s Summary is being made available in all 6 UN languages

The Chair’s Summary is now available in:

Please note that these unofficial translations were made by the generous contributions of the community and may be updated.

IGF website redevelopment to provide a wider range of key documents in all 6 UN languages

As part of the website redevelopment to be funded by the UK Government, IGF will be able to translate more key IGF documents into all 6 UN languages.

MAG efforts to boost multilingual processes at IGF

A Working Group on Language (WG-Language) has been established by this year's Multistakeholder Advisory Group to further develop the ability of IGF participants to both access materials in their own language as well as participate at IGF in their own language.

You can help with IGF’s translation efforts

IGF is looking for volunteers to:

  • Translate documents
  • Review translated documents for accuracy

Volunteers can contribute as little or as much, as often or as infrequently as suits your schedule. Volunteers will be grouped by language and use IGF’s online translation platform to collaboratively contribute to translations. The current priorities for translation are:

For more information, see Multilingual Collaboration at IGF.