IGF 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals

You are invited to submit proposals for workshops at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). 

The deadline is 14 April 2019 23:59 UTC.


Three Thematic Focus Areas in the IGF 2019 Programme

At its first face-to-face meeting in January, and following extensive discussions on a strategic, thematic direction for IGF activities in 2019, the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) identified three priority themes on which to build a focused and cohesive programme this year. These are, (1) Data Governance; (2) Digital Inclusion; and (3) Security, Safety, Stability & Resilience.

The priority areas were arrived at based on contributions from 2018 IGF activities, the annual IGF stocktaking process, and the ‘Call for Issues’ for the 2019 programme. These were open to everyone and more than 300 submissions were received in the Call for Issues alone. These processes formed the basis of the MAG’s discussions and ensured that the programme topics are those that the global community deemed most critical and timely to Internet governance stakeholders and societies at large.


IGF 2019 Workshops

Proposers are invited to make submissions on the three themes:

1. Data Governance;

2. Digital Inclusion;

3. Security, Safety, Stability & Resilience.

The short narratives developed on each should be used as guidance. Proposals may be tagged with one or more key terms falling under the themes and selectable within the workshop form, with an additional 'write-in' option available. In addition, a number of illustrative policy questions have been provided for each theme, bearing in mind these are examples only and that proposers are encouraged to put forward their own questions. Policy questions are ones that bring together different disciplines or areas of policy research.  A policy question should encourage dialogue and discussion, be worded in a neutral way to allow for different answers/views/proposals/solutions to emerge, and not presuppose the outcome.


Criteria for Workshop Evaluations

The six major criteria in the evaluation process will centre around *Policy Questions, *Relevance, *Format, *Diversity, *Content and *Interaction of each proposal. Proposers should note these criteria have different weights during evaluation, as follows: 

* Policy Questions - 15%

* Relevance - 20%

* Format - 10%

* Diversity - 20%

* Content - 20%

* Interaction - 15%

Proposers are strongly advised to pay particular attention to ensuring diversity of viewpoint, supported by gender, region, stakeholder group, and inclusion of youth and persons from under-represented or marginalized groups, within their organizing teams as well as listed speakers, as these will be reviewed against the key diversity measure. Proposers are further advised that they should list a minimum of three provisionally confirmed speakers and limit their number of speakers to no more than five wherever possible, so as to ensure space in their session for participant engagement. While the latter is not a disqualifying criterion, excessive numbers of speakers will result in lower support for the proposal.

All proposers should consult the links below for details, in particular: the Workshops Manual, for basic information regarding the number of proposals per submitter and language of submission; the Workshop Review Process document, for requirements on the content of proposals and proposal evaluation criteria; and the IGF 2019 Themes document for outlines on the workshop submission themes.



The final selection of workshops will take place during the IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, scheduled on 5-7 June 2019 in Berlin, Germany.