Dynamic Coalitions

Below is a listing of the Dynamic Coalitions brought to the attention of the IGF Secretariat. All Dynamic Coalitions may request a listing on this page by contacting the IGF Secretariat: igf [at] unog.ch.


The StopSpamAlliance

Dynamic Coalition on Privacy

The IGF Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (IGF DCOS)

The Dynamic Coalition on Access and Connectivity for Remote, Rural and Dispersed Communities

Dynamic Coalition on the Internet Bill of Rights

Coalition Dynamique pour la Diversité Linguistique

[email protected] Dynamic Coalition

Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media on the Internet (FOEonline)

Online Collaboration Dynamic Coalition

Gender and Internet Governance (GIG)


The Dynamic Coalition on Gender Equality aims to ensure gender perspective is included in the key debates around internet governance issues, such as content regulation, privacy, access, freedom of expression among others. Among others, the coalition wants to promote women's visibility at the IGF and related fora; to conduct research and input on the main topics of IGF debates; to support capacity building of gender advocates and to promote more effective linkages between local, regional and global initiatives on gender and information society.

(The aim and objectives are tentative, and will be finalised at the second IGF, in Rio)


The initial coalition partners include individual representatives and affiliates representing the following organizations and institutions:

* APC WNSP - Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme
* EMERGE-Centro de Pesquisa e Produção em Comunicação e Emergência of Fluminense Federal University, Brazil
* ItforChange, India
* IP Justice
* G2G Gender and Technology, Brazil [To be confirmed]
* IWTC - International Women's Tribune Centre [To be confirmed]
* Luleå University of Technology (LTU) - Division Gender, Technology and Organisation


Mailing List

Contact: Katerina Fialova, genderi[email protected]

Women Setting the IGF agenda – the statement articulating the necessity of integrating gender perspective in Internet Governance Forum issued by women participants at the first IGF in Athens (November, 2006)

Framework of Principles for the Internet

Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety

Dynamic Coalition on "Accessibility and Disability"

Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change


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